South Ayrshire Council’s new online way to go back to the past


The new ‘Births, Marriages and Deaths from the Ayr Advertiser 1803 − 1835’, providing an online index to family history data from newspapers, is a joint project between South Ayrshire Council Libraries Service and Opportunities in Retirement Family History Group Ayr.

If you would like to travel back to the past, and view details of births, marriages and deaths from 1803 to 1835, then a new online resource available through South Ayrshire Council’s website is just the thing for you. The new facility was launched at Carnegie Library in Ayr where the hard work began. OIR Ayr member Robert Laird from Ayr and the late Bill Reid from Mossblown have been the inspiration and driving force behind this project, working over many years with fellow OIR members.

It was originally intended that the index would be published as a book, however with the passing of two decades since work began, and the great leaps that have been made in technology; it was decided to make it an online resource.

The OIR Ayr members involved in this project have done an outstanding job and now anyone with internet access will be able to view this information at a time that suits them. The OIR Ayr members have plans to expand the online records up to 1855 in due course.

Councillor Robin Reid, Mrs Fay Reid, widow of the late Bill Reid and Sheena Taylor, Carnegie Library, Ayr.
Libraries Manager Jean Inness, Councillor Robin Reid, Mrs Fay Reid, widow of the late Bill Reid, Sheena Taylor, Elaine Docherty and Tom Barclay  at Carnegie Library, Ayr.
Mr Laird being presented with a Quaich by Tom Barclay our Local History Librarian
Mr Laird being presented with a Quaich by Tom Barclay our Local History Librarian

Searching the Archive

The online facility is available at The charge for access is £2 for a seven day subscription which gives unlimited searching during that period. Payment can be made online for those wishing to access the system from home. It is free to consult at any library in South Ayrshire Library.

You can search the index by key words and dates or you can enter a surname will bring up a list of all birth, marriage and death records which include that surname. This can be refined by entering any or all of forename, type of event, date, place, and spouse in the case of marriages. A more varied and detailed search can be carried out by selecting ‘BMD Interactive Reporting Archive’. This permits users to customise the information they gather.

If you have any problems using this database please contact us:


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