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The Wills & Testaments for 1902 to 1925 are now live on the ScotlandsPeople website. With this latest addition of records, researchers can now access 1 million Scottish Wills & Testaments, covering the period 1513 to 1925.

How many new records are there and how many people does it cover?

The new records, 392,595 in total, document the last wishes of 267,548 individuals who lived and died in Scotland between 1902 and 1925. The collection also includes the wills of Scots who died outside Scotland, but still had assets in the country. As inventories of moveable estate (savings, cash, furniture, stock, etc) are also included, you can discover the fine details of people’s worldly possessions during this era.

The new records include both poor and the rich

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie

People from all social classes are included in these new records – from famous industrialists and philanthropists such as Andrew Carnegie and George Coats, to the impoverished inmates of the nation’s poorhouses. With more than 35 millionaires included in the records, you can learn how the members of this Scottish ‘Rich List’ ultimately chose to distribute their wealth.

Conversely, the simpler and cheaper procedures for recording wills that were introduced by the Small Estates Act of 1894, ensured that more estates below £500 were also included.

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Scotland’s People  have changed the pricing and payment method for purchasing Wills & Testaments documents on the ScotlandsPeople website. Instead of purchasing a Will & Testament through a separate transaction, these documents can now be viewed using ScotlandsPeople credits. As an introductory offer they have also reduced the cost from £5 to 10 credits, which is roughly £2.33!

The genealogy site hope that this change makes for an easier and more straightforward process for using these records. As they are currently working on the launch of the new Wills and Testaments for 1902-1925, they thought it was the perfect time to announce this change to its users.

Index to Wills of Scotland are also available in Carnegie Library’s Local and Family History department,  the dates of these published indexes are 1876 – 1936 and 1948-1959.

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